Come say hi at our RELEAF stall and grab some sustainable, ethical, biodegradable AND disposable pee bags!

WOMAD is the finest of World of Music, Arts and Dance….and a line-up this year includes great artists such as Ziggy Marley, Robert Plant, Macy Gray, Dhaffer Youssef and a host of other amazing performers from around the globe.

The launch consignment of RELEAF bags has arrived safely and are available in two striking designs, in handy 3-pack pouches.

We’re busy packing the Airstream with a bunch of great goodies from artisan personal care product producers. They include Bramley Products (hair and body products for adults and kids), Kitesnest (shampoo bars and lip balms), Not The Norm (sunscreen) and – to complete your festival look – Love The Planet (cosmetics) and Ecostardust (body glitter).

So to get set for a stress-free pee, stock up on festival essentials, pamper yourself with products or to complete your festival look – come and see us at the RELEAF – when nature calls tent at Campsite Shopping. It’s going to be fun!